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By BGS Staff

Feb 8, 2023

Artist: Wood Box Heroes (Barry Bales, Jenee Fleenor, Seth Taylor, Matt Menefee, Josh Martin)
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “Made Up My Mind”
Release Date: February 2, 2023

In Their Words: “Most of our population’s minds are made up, closed off, and sealed shut by opinions dictated by the popularly held beliefs of the day. This song is for those of us who dare to question and willingly wander, all alone, far from the beaten path, into the forests, up the rocky heights, through the raging rivers… free from the social metallurgists whose chains of unlimited limits are tailored specifically for breaking our spirits. Out there, in the great unknown, away from the guidance of the ‘wise,’ impossibilities turn into miracles, and we may even start to see that, like the song suggests, most of the things of this world that we believe are helping us along are, in reality, stealing our joy and making up our minds for us! From there, once we have realized we’ve got to unlearn to truly learn, then we can ‘set our eyes on that blue sky, breaking up ahead’ and make up our minds, to make up our own minds.” — Josh Martin, Wood Box Heroes