BLUEGRASS TODAY: This Train drops for Wood Box Heroes

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Posted on  By John Lawless

Today we get the second single from Wood Box Heroes, a new group of top Nashville pickers and singers, from their upcoming independently-produced debut project.

The band was assembled by Kentucky-born songwriter and guitarist Josh Martin, who has the unrecognized distinction of having the very first cut of Teardrop Inn, which we discussed just recentlyat Bluegrass Today.

He called together some top freelancers for a tour last year in support of his previous album, with such big names as Barry Bales on bass, Jenee Fleenor on fiddle, Matt Menefee on banjo, and Seth Taylor on mandolin. After working together for a few weeks, they all liked the sound and the feel so well, they decided to team up as a band, bringing everyone’s talent to bear on new music.

Today’s new single is This Train, which Jenee and Josh wrote with Nashville legend Jim “Moose” Brown.

Fleenor described how it came together.

“I had this melody stuck in my head, and was even toying around with some lyrics the morning Josh and I were getting together to write with Moose. We were writing for the new band project and I remember thinking to myself, ‘every bluegrass band needs a train song!’ A few hours later, we had This Train! It was a really fun one to write with my friends!

I’ve dreamt of being a part of an incredible band like this…Josh, Barry, Seth, Matt and I became fast friends, and we’re all such big fans of each other! We’re all the time calling each other, checking in, and celebrating what sessions we’ve been a part of lately, and celebrating new songs we’ve written. It’s such a special chemistry when we play together in the studio or on stage – a ‘hanging on to the edge of your seat’ type feeling that I just live for as a musician!”

This Train is a bluesy grasser Jenee sings, with strong support from the Wood Box guys.

This Train from Wood Box Heroes is available now from popular download and streaming services online. Radio programmers will find the track at AirPlay Direct.